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The Period Book: A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up

*American Bookseller's "Pick of the Lists," 1996
*New York Public Library: Books for the Teen Age, 1997
*VOYA's Nonfiction Honor Book, 1997
*Society of School Librarians International Book
Award (Honor Book), 1997-1998

Any questions that your daughter may have about getting her period are probably answered in one of these chapters: Changes of Puberty -- Those You Can See, Changes of Puberty -- Those You Can't See, Menstruation, What to Wear, Seeing a Gynecologist, "Is This Normal?", Menstrual Problems and How to Handle Them, "What If...?", and What Your Parents Might Like to Say to You. This is about as user-friendly as a book can get, from the humorous illustrations to the positive, yet realistic, wording of the text. My twelve-year-old daughter (who usually rolls her eyes over books on this subject matter) thought it was "a definite keeper."

Kirkus Reviews
Give this straightforward treatment of menstruation a warm welcome.

Publishers Weekly
With the help of her 15-year old niece, Karen Gravelle hits her mark with this accessible guide for adolescent girls.

School Library Journal
In a friendly, chatty manner, Gravelle explains the external and internal changes of puberty. She gives girls just enough practical details to know what to expect and how to cope with periods. Questions about big and little matters are answered in the same reassuring, sisterly vein. Humorous line drawings add to the light tone. It's directness and simplicity make it a solid choice, especially for younger girls.

Book Links
This is a superb book about menstruation that girls and their parents will want to read.