Karen Gravelle

Selected Works

About as user-friendly as a book can get. A definite keeper. Chinaberry
An excellent book, with lots of great cartoon artwork. Booklist
An outstanding, common-sense guide [that is] also humorous and appealing. School Library Journal
The stylish, lighthearted text and whimsical illustrations will appeal readily to teens. VOYA
We need more contemporary books like this. Booklist
Will help bring out the animal lover in any reader. Booklist
A dramatic, eye-opening portrayal. Booklist
A source of comfort that gives shape to the devastation of personal loss. Booklist
An important, heartfelt, honest book. Booklist


*Starred Review, Booklist

What is it like for a teenager to live under the shadow of cancer? Sixteen young adults explain in a moving record that smoothly blends their first-person responses with facts and interpretations sensitively supplied by the authors. Following a brief look at the kinds of cancer most commonly found in young people, Gravelle and John turn to the victims themselves, investigating how teenagers juggle the demands of adolescence with the requirements of their medical situation -- a situation, say the authors, that increases dependency on the adult world at the very time when teenagers are striving to become more independent and to develop their self-images. Young people, ranging roughly in age from 13 to 21, speak candidly here, recalling the initial shock of their diagnoses, their treatments, and pressures at school. They talk freely about how relationships with family, friends, and romantic interests change, for the better and for the worse; they reflect on their futures; and they talk about how they deal with the very real possibility of death. An important, heartfelt, honest book that demonstrates clearly how having cancer changes young people -- and how from such trouble can emerge such strength.